How It Works

Visionbot offers businesses get the most out of their visual content helping derive powerful insights and driving decision making.

Designed as a cloud based Sofware as Services (SaaS) model Visionbot lets you start using the system with minimal investment. A set up fee will be charged for customizations in Premium tier only. For the rest it is only pay as per your use.

Visionbot can also offered as an on premise service in Hybrid/ Private Cloud/ Data center for Enterprise requirements.

Visionbot is an adaptive platform and learns on its own training. However users can expedite training by providing preferences that makes it more efficient.

Visionbot also expects you to provide outcomes : what and how do you want Visionbot to report what it "observes".

Once this is set and required training is complete - voila ! No more human interaction is necessary till you have reasons to modify the outcome.

Define the source of visuals
Define the Outcome
24/7 observations and Reporting