Traffic Management

Visionbot helps analyze vehicular traffic:
  • Type of vehicles
  • Count of vehicles
  • Direction of vehicles


Visionbot helps automate Insurance businesses:

  • Insurance Policy collation through word recognition
  • Retail insurance claim processing

Insurance Policy collation through word recognition : name / policy number
Retail insurance claim processing: Take a snap of your vehicle and upload to claim your insurance


Visionbot enables visual analytics in Healthcare

  • Elderly care
  • Check nutrition

Elderly care:

  • Caregivers can create virtual fencing for patients
  • Alerts if geo fencing is breached
  • Enables event based intervention

Check nutrition:

  • Identify food type and ingredients
  • Calculates nutrition and calorific values

Access Control

Visionbot can help in access control for persons to offices, private areas and secured zones
Visionbot can augment existing access control through:

  • Face recognition
  • Iris Scanning

Use of appropriate camera hardware with adequate resolution is required.
Visiobot can help authenticate persons for access to specified areas. If used with a card reader only minimum hardware is required.


Visionbot helps automating several functions of logistics that are tedious for humans or erroneous under human monitoring.
Count of container / manifest/ packages:
This is typically a repetitive task currently done with the help of Barcoding. Visiobot can augment this through automated visual monitoring.

Compliance to max tilt angle of containers:
This is a use case almost impossible to achieve through human monitoring. Visionbot makes it possible 24/7.


Transport management:
Visionbot helps in transportation management. Leverage the components as License Number recognition , vehicle type identification and Vehicle sequence monitoring it is useful in automated visual monitoring of vehicles in :

  • Freight forwarding
  • Cargo holds
  • Loading terminals

Quality Assurance

Visionbot allows fast and non intrusive way for automated visual inspection of objects in an assembly line. It can effectively detect manufacturing or assembly defects. Visionbot can identify deformity, variance in size and color of objects and able to classify based on QA norms. Ideally suited for large assembly lines these can augment or replace existing sensor based alarm mechanisms.

Food and Hospitality

Visionbot can enable automated food identification and tracking of at food counters and buffet containers.
This can replace the use of intrusive sensors and use automated visual monitoring for tracking inventory and billing at counters.


Visionbot helps detect various sizes and shapes of fruits and vegetables. These are non intrusive method of automated visual inspection. Fruits and vegetables are separated by shape, color , size and can get stored or packed in different collection points.
In the agricultural field, Visionbot enabled cameras can identify blossoming of flowers, ripening of fruits that can initiate appropriate harvesting operations.

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