Smart City Solutions

  • Traffic signal violations
  • Helmetless drivers
  • Tripple riding
  • Seat belt violations
  • License plate recognition
  • Vehicle detection


Visionbot helps automating several functions of logistics that are tedious for humans or erroneous under human monitoring.

  • Count of container / manifest / packages
  • Compliance to max tilt angle of containers
  • Freight forwarding
  • Cargo holds
  • Loading terminals


VisionBot helps automate insurance businesses through text recognition.

  • Insurance Policy collation through word recognition : name / policy number.
  • Retail insurance claim processing: Take a snap of your vehicle and upload to claim your insurance


Visionbot enables visual analytics in Healthcare.

  • Elderly care
  • Check nutrition

Elderly care:

  • Care givers can create virtual safe zones for patients
  • Alerts if patient becomes immobile
  • Enables event based intervention

Check nutrition:

  • Identify food type and ingredients
  • Calculates nutrition and calorific values

Quality Assurance

Visionbot allows fast and non intrusive way for automated visual inspection of objects in an assembly line.
It can effectively detect manufacturing or assembly defects. Visionbot can identify deformity, variance in size and color of objects and able to classify based


Indoor and outdoor monitoring of students

  • Activtiy tracking
  • Sports analytics